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We fly because we love to fly and we love to share the experience with others and have fun doing it. However, the safety of our passengers is first and foremost on our agenda. Even though there are always risks involved when you leave the ground, we take all the necessary measures possible to assure your safety and reduce and manage the risks involved. Which, unfortunately, may require canceling and rescheduling your flight, which we will do without hesitation to insure your safety. We will not take you flying in unsafe conditions just to get a flight in.

All of our pilots are commercially licensed and certified by the FAA,
(Federal Aviation Administration)Our pilots and crew attend safety seminars on an annual basis.

Our equipment is thoroughly inspected annually by certified FAA inspection stations.

And, for the record, we have an honest, unblemished safety record and we fly only the best equipment available.

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Although balloons may seem simple enough, it requires a great deal of skill and knowledge of the weather and atmosphere to fly one safely. And being creatures of the wind, balloons are highly susceptible to even the most minuet weather conditions. What may seem like a beautiful day to some, may still be unacceptable for a safe balloon flight.

Ballooning is dependent upon favorable weather conditions. Therefore, if conditions are not favorable for a safe flight, the pilot will cancel the flight and we will work with you to reschedule for the next available flight or later if necessary to accommodate your schedule