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How it all began,
or, it could happen to anyone, right?

Daryl and his wife Lynn were driving home one evening about February or March of 1994 and they noticed a balloon had landed in a yard close to their home. As they drove by Daryl mentioned that he wanted to do that sometime. Well, it just so happened that their 10th wedding anniversary came around that June, and guess what Daryl got. Yes, she gave him a gift certificate for a flight, but, she would not be going, since she was not the least bit interested in heights.

Over 10 years have passed by now and Lynn occasionally scratches her head and wonders just exactly what happened, or what went wrong depending on how you look at it, but she did finally decide she was ready to fly, for on their 20th anniversary she gave Daryl another certificate, this one stated that she wanted to fly with him in their newest ride balloon, “Old Blue”.

Update; Now its 2010. Daryl and Lynn had their 25th anniversary in 2009, June 2010 will be 26. And she has still managed not to fly. But her reasoning is that they have been so busy with passengers that they should get first consideration. What a woman!  She is always putting everyone else first.

The Tatum Family

From left: Evan, Dylan, Daryl, Lynn and Casey.

EXTRA!!!EXTRA!!!  UPDATE MARCH 20, 2010.   She finally went. On a beautiful morning Lynn finally went flying with Daryl in thier new passenger balloon, “Sundance”. There was a gorgeous sunrise and they floated lazily over the area for an hour and had a postcard landing. She did great considering all of her trepidation about it. Would she go again? Yes. Will she make a habit of it? Probably not, but maybe after 16 years we have opened the floodgates.

Balloons Over Georgia has evolved from the many years of time and effort invested by Daryl and Lynn and their family and friends. Originally only flying for fun, they progressed on to advertising and passenger flights part time to help pay for the hobby of flying. Now, thanks to our friendly, honest, up front business practices, our spotless safety record and our loyal customers spreading the word, we have become THE Hot Air Balloon Ride company in Georgia and we attract customers from all over Georgia and adjoining states as well as people visiting our great state on vacation.